Monday, November 9, 2009

The Big Surprise Part Two

Grandpa has been very busy in the backyard park.  We see lots of workers and stones and big machines.
There is a lot of dust everywhere from the stone saws that grind away every day for two months now.
WHAT is grandpa doing?  And WHEN will we be able to ride our toys on the deck again?
And WHERE did the kitty cats go?
WHAT is going on Grandpa?

We can't play outside at Grandma's house so we have to go next door to visit Super-Grandma. She has a big playroom downstairs with an even bigger closet we can crawl into. We can all crawl in this closet and there's still room for Grandma. She doesn't like to do that which is just crazy cuz we LOVE it here!

Yep.  I am the youngest one of the five.  But don't worry - I have it all figured out.  Pretty soon I'll be finished with the elbow/knee shuffle thing and running with the rest of them.
I watch my mom...
I know how to do this!

And I will help you my little Lysie.  I will always be here for you.  Someday you will like my squishy hugs and kisses.  I will share my special snack cup with blue smarties with you.  You will like me then.  I will not be bossy.

And then all FOUR of us can be in this pac n' play!  Not Micah though.  Boys are not allowed.
Micah can watch the workers in the backyard while we play house and dollies.  Boys are yucky.

The Big Surprise

There's a lot of excitement in our backyard these days.
Something very big is going down today....
And I can't wait....

It has to do with that back corner that's been raised and prepped...

That tranquil little innocuous corner of the yard - so neglected for twenty years - waiting for such a moment as this.

Stay tuned.  I won't be living with the suspense much longer myself!