Saturday, March 20, 2010


Click on the post title to link to her site where you can listen to her song
as I have done many times already -
may He bless your heart by it as He has done
many times already
.... for mine.


Carolyn Arends

You want the best for me but I don’t want to take it
Today the best just seems to cost too much
I know to mend a heart sometimes You have to break it
But I don’t have the strength to choose that love

But I am willing – to be willing
And I am ready to be moved
And I am longing – for the longing
That pulls me close to You

The only place that I am filled is at Your table
And still I starve myself day after day
I cannot choose Your will unless You make me able
That’s why You say You are the only way


I’ll send the guards away who keep my heart
I’m making space for You, a place to start


Please pull me close to You

They pull me close to You!

Grandpa? I see you there ...
taking pictures of the work you did in the backyard...
Grandpa? When can we play in it? Is it today?
Can it be NOW?
Will you play with us there?
But Grandpa? This is not really where we want to BE right now ....
Yeah! THAT'S where we want to go ....
Grandpa? You are the best ever...

Grandpa? We LOVE you very much!