Thursday, October 13, 2011

A first born son...

.... for a first born son.

Announcing the 'early' arrival of Kaelan Eli - the stunningly adorable new life that has just increased the world population by one - swiftly changing the status of every single family member to which he is connected and enlarging hearts to dangerous proportions.
             Welcome to our world you wonderful little world rocker.
Like many before you, you are born to a specific plan and purpose.  May you grow to be as beautiful inside as you are right now on the outside.
 But listen up now.  We've brought in your cousin James (otherwise known as J.B.)
for comment on this extraordinary event...  
Well, there you have it - limited vocabulary and all.
 Cousin James is almost four months ahead of you in this family scenario - and he is obviously pleased 
(it's written all over his face) that you have finally made your appearance and that you are (quite clearly) 
his equal in charm, gender 
AND good looks.  
Don't sweat it.  You'll measure up in no time!