Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better than I deserve...

That beastly bug stalking members of my household for the past month finally cornered me and is pummelling me into a prostrate position for the Sabbath.  
A good position for such a day as this, come to think of it.
It is 3am and I am gargling with salt water to get some relief from this raging sore throat.
I have decided to use this convalescence to concentrate on thankfulness today.

This summer I found this vintage photo while searching for suitable slideshow material 
for our sons wedding day. 
My heart thumps wildly as I reflect how lavishly God has answered 
a young woman's dream to be somebody's wife and mother.  
.... and then?
to my everlasting amazement....
He throws this in too.

So if you'd ask me how I'm doing today, I'd have to say between sniffles and wheezing:
WAY better than I deserve!
God bless your day too.