Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning Stroll in the Rain

 There is something almost 'spiritual' about a very quiet Sunday morning stroll in an old traditional Bavarian town with its inimitable sounds of tolling bells
and singing wet woodland birds.
I trust you will enjoy it with me again....
Okay, okay.  These first two don't come from my camera, true.
But all the rest of these do.....and they are published in chronological order of my stroll as well.
I had all 70 pic's arranged in a slideshow and set to Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor 
but alas, I couldn't upload it to my blog for love or money.  Pfft!  
Now you have to do the walkabout sans serene music.  :(

Listened to a sermon online today and have to think about the fact that I serve a RISEN Saviour.
The cross is paramount to my faith but the resurrection is what propels it and drives me forward!
You will see several pictures of massive Copper Beech trees. While they are a personal favourite of mine (yes, I have favourite trees), I publish them mainly as an educational opportunity for my sweet sister, who, though we have grown up side by side in the same nursery tree environment
all our lives and who,
even works in that business to this date.... does not know what said tree looks like.
I hereby suggest that TreeTagging 101 should be mandatory for all nursery office secretaries.
Paid hours of course - with a Starbucks in hand.

So there you have it sista.  Copper Beech's in all their immense glory.
More is on it's way but right now, I have a chance to Skype with my husband and YIPPEE,
THAT is not going to wait!!
One sweet hour lapse of time passes....

Hey Richie?  Identify this for me please...
(I don't do perennials very well)

Stumbled across Mr. Tumnus in the bushes.  Boys are so yucky.

C'mon y'know Mr.Tumnus - meets Lucy by the lamp-post in Narnia?

The rear of the Leonardis Klinik

That upper balcony to the left is my room.  Fortunately, there's an overhang so I can still stand out of the rain (which has not stopped since we've arrived) to enjoy the mountain air.

Somewhere out there - is a very big mountain range....

And now I submit evidence of the farm that is literally 200 steps from the Klinik (I counted them:)
This is the 'front lawn' of an old traditional Bavarian Working Farm.  I couldn't spot the Clydesdales anywhere (I did smell them tho') & when I see them next, I hope to have the camera in hand.  

Exhibit A -The horse trailer

And full circle back 'home' (for a little while longer)

My beautiful strong mom.  When I grow up, I want to be like her.
   Hans found a bottle of Italian Merlot.