Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Veronica thing..

I have a childhood friend who owned so many Archie comic books - piled high against one wall of their rec room that I couldn't read through them even after five years worth of quiet Sunday afternoon's at her place.
I was always mystified and oddly impressed with Veronica Lodge who had to buy a matching purse and shoes for every occasion and day of the year. Odd, because of my lifelong objection to shopping in general. Having said that - I was in the market for a new purse last week and stumbled upon the Miche road show at Costco. You can buy a black or brown purse and pick out four 'shells' that attach themselves magnetically to its exterior... it's a 'four purses in one' type of deal. I was smitten.

The giraffe theme had my fancy at that particular moment, knowing where I would be spending the next day.... totally a no-brainer, once my friend corrected my mistaking it for a cow-hide!

Let's Go Wild!

We took the three new three year-olds et al to celebrate the occasion and we went with a picnic basket in hand to someplace really WILD. Can you guess? Next post will bear some clues before I give it all away. For now? I hope you catch some of the excitement and enjoy their expressions like we did for an entire morning.