Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Veronica thing..

I have a childhood friend who owned so many Archie comic books - piled high against one wall of their rec room that I couldn't read through them even after five years worth of quiet Sunday afternoon's at her place.
I was always mystified and oddly impressed with Veronica Lodge who had to buy a matching purse and shoes for every occasion and day of the year. Odd, because of my lifelong objection to shopping in general. Having said that - I was in the market for a new purse last week and stumbled upon the Miche road show at Costco. You can buy a black or brown purse and pick out four 'shells' that attach themselves magnetically to its exterior... it's a 'four purses in one' type of deal. I was smitten.

The giraffe theme had my fancy at that particular moment, knowing where I would be spending the next day.... totally a no-brainer, once my friend corrected my mistaking it for a cow-hide!


  1. Cow.
    I mean. Really!
    Nice purse btw. How does it work again? ;)

  2. Catherine's?? Cool.
    It must truly have that funky look then....

  3. i'm not up to date on the latest purse fashion but that's the ugliest purse i've ever seen

  4. ROTFL... just for that, I'm tucking it on my arm to every family function for the next year!
    You can't faze me bro' :)


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