Monday, June 1, 2009

Feet First!

We tried something new around these parts and hosted a Girl Grandbabies Only sleepover.
Although, to be more specific, it was limited to the two oldest girl grandbabies who are not yet three years of age. Frankly, I don't know who had more fun, Rachie & Jules or Grams and Auntie Catherine. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if it wasn't so hard on the psyche of the only grandson Micah!
First, all five grandchildren and their respective mothers met me in the mall to find matching Sunday dresses. For you see, the sleepover was to include the inaugural visit to Grandpa's church pew on Sunday morning! Now, THAT was fun let me tell you - we went armed with enough Sour Skittles and chewy fruit snacks to last the entire week.
This is classic for Amy. Gramps wanted to 'see' their new Sunday duds and here she's getting them to pose for Exhibit A. She eventually did get an orderly shot, but I crack up looking at this one -- their individual personalities are captured so beautifully!
To these two wonderful munchkins above, I'd like to suggest many more sleepovers in the future -- the spunk and joy you bring with you is a great treat to behold. We love you a hundred, thousand, million. And then some.
I have a hunch that Amy will tell you more of the experience when she gets to that time in her chronological posting routine! Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that I certainly haven't forgotten or abandoned This Pilgrim's Progress. I'm happily hung-up creating a blurb book of my first blog Off to England! and moving oh so slow in that regard, since I generally choose to savour the details of every page. I want to find a spot for every one of my 700 photos too! :)

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