Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nicole Kristine Pts & her mom

Hi Nicole. It's Father's Day today.
Invariably my mind wanders over to what runs through your mind on such occasions.
And I wonder, do you ever see Brian, your Dad?
Did you ever find out WHY he awarded your grandparents guardianship over you?
One thing I do remember well, the poor man was overwhelmed at the time. It was an awful lot to deal with.
I was browsing through my file of blog pic's and decided to post these two comparing you with your mom. The ancient black and white above is a portrait of the first five kids in my family: Uncle Case has his arms around me and Uncle Rick, your mom is on my lap (what a cute little stinker eh?) and Aunt Pauline is sitting on my left. I love the way my brother Case demonstrates his protective nature with that uber hug of his. I love how we're all looking at the photographer except for your mom - who quite obviously followed some other irresistible distraction.
The second photo shows you standing in front of your mom's sick bed. I think your Uncle Glen or Uncle Gary is standing near you - I don't really know. We do remember them both as reasonable and nice guys. *sigh* It was all so long ago....

As always, we love you Nicole.

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