Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yvonne Alexandra (Vanderkruk) Pts

In loving memory of our daughter and sister Yvonne.
Yvonne would be 42 today if she were still walking the earth.
In her memory and for the benefit of her posterity, I offer this excerpt from my diary:
June 23, 1989
Today was my sisters birthday.
She'd be twenty-two today.
I was with Mom this morning. All was very well until some flowers were delivered to her door from friends Louie & Nelly.
Then she cried.
She remembered the day her daughter was born -- an easy delivery she said. But not an easy baby because she was sick a lot, and so small...
We both wondered if Brian would even remember today.
Likely not.
For sure her own father won't remember -- unless he's reminded of course....
Much could be said -- much indeed. But I won't remember that today.
Today, I'm going to think about that little girl-woman who fought so hard for life.
Who managed to comfort us yet by assuring us she was finally ready to meet her Maker the very night before His angel came to get her.
How I thank my God forever for just that simple nod of assurance.
How I pray that God will sustain the woman who gave her birth.
How I pray for the little girl Nikki (Nicole) to whom Yvonne gave birth.
Protect her from evil Lord!

There you have it Nicole.
Not exactly glamourous but definitely the real and raw deal.
Time heals many wounds and dulls most of the painful memories but, as I have just discovered in re-reading this diary of mine - they can be brought to the surface with amazing clarity and such little provocation. You need to know that our estrangement from you comprises the most painful circumstance we still bear from the past.
We wish someone, ANYONE! in your acquaintance would find the courage to come clean and explain the how and why of your disappearance and your unwillingness to connect with us.
As it is, we are left with only one option and that is to give you our side of the story in the public domain.
And I am going to do exactly that, as prayerfully as I can manage, in as plain and simple manner as I can muster.

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