Thursday, July 9, 2009

Campfire Camaraderie

The rules are simple.
You grab a bag of munchies to share - take a beverage of your choice, throw a lawn chair over the shoulder and set out to find the nearest raging camp fire with a crowd that'll accommodate another body or two into their circle.
The munchies get tossed from one side to the other as easily as the conversation - and blast, the Sour Cream and Onion always disappears first. At times we miss the toss...

Who needs a flashlight (or any 21rst century 'torch') when God places a moon like this
in the night sky? Simply amazing, filtered through our canopy of trees.
One of the younger tykes around our campfire suggested a word game which we enjoyed so much, we carried on with for three more rounds! Everyone had to choose a word and whisper it in the ear of a neutral player who made record of them. They'd be read aloud only twice in random order and someone would start the game by matching the word to a person around the campfire. A correct match eliminated you from the game. An incorrect match scored you the right to guess. The most common, non-descript words usually ended up winning the round since they were easily forgotten and of course, the more people playing - the trickier the round.
The 'other' campfire crowd down the way were clearly not having as much fun - we were ambushed sometime after midnight with a torrent of foil balls over the tree line. The raiding party beat a trail out of there but Michelle's trademark uhmm...'snicker' blew their cover. LOL

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