Friday, September 18, 2009


I follow in my mom's footsteps with a love for being in my kitchen, cooking up a storm and feeding the masses. I've also learned her peculiar renegade style of doing my own thing and ditching the recipe book.
Yes I love food, but what truly appeals to me, is the anticipation of fellowship that a big 'sit down dinner' often delivers.
A few years ago during our big kitchen reno, it was determined that the new family table would have to be round to accommodate exactly that kind of objective. Enough of this hollering down the left to the person outside periphery to pass this or that!
My baby sister brought me a beautiful gift yesterday that might just propel me to make a few changes in my 'style' - probably long over-due anyway...

I recently confessed to being smitten with the new Meryll Streep movie Julie & Julia right?
I admitted that I might even go and see it a third time?
Well I did.
This time accompanied by my sister Catherine, who in turn went straight off to Indigo to find the cookbook which she delivered to me as a gift of familial love and understanding.
If you've seen the movie you'll get the bit about the pearls but my portraiture also conveys my impression of this 'jewel of a gift' from my sis.
Thanks from my heart Cath!
If I ever find the courage to steam a live lobster to death or debone a dead duck - you will be personally escorted to the front row seat. I will even let you video tape it for posterity :)
Love you.


  1. Joanne ...last summer you told me to say "hi", so here I am! Can also relate to "Julie & Julia" movie, went with my daughters and we loved it!
    Looking forward to your "live lobster" experience :)


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