Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chesley Orchestra

My sister-in-law Sue is an extraordinary musician/violinist gifted with a passion for teaching others the craft. She has single-handedly started off every string player in the extended family and managed to bring out the best in each one of them as well.
Consequently - our family gatherings and celebrations are often tended with an in-house full scale orchestra. Some sing, play the flute or clarinet, violin, cello, viola, piano or CD player.
We actually have quite a few Ipod players as well :)
I think if we'd been born a couple millennium ago we may have found ourselves in the tribe of the Levites.
We've been going to the same vacation spot en masse for the past 30 years or more and this year, Susie negotiated a plan to accompany both morning worship services ... all the pre, post and during service music. What a blast!
I asked my son to get some video coverage which regrettably, he took from the furthest back corner of the sanctuary. *sigh* Boys are so yucky.
So here's a snippet of what happens when Susie orders up a last minute rehearsal and tells you to pack your instrument for a gig at Chesley!
I love that girl.

For your benefit Nicole, I will identify the members of your family orchestra:
From L to R: Cousin Kelsey (violin) Aunt Jo (piano)
Aunt Sue (violin/concert mistress)
Cousin Megan (cello) Cousin Brittany (flute)
Cousin Kayla & Jamie (violins)
Cousin Julia and Emily (violins) on the far right of the stage with
Cousin Amy (violin) in the foreground
Not shown in this particular set:
Cousin Heather (clarinet)
Cousin Brian (piano and solo voice)

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