Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Espionage and Starbucks

Future daughter-in-law :) Courtney, treated the family to a pre-arranged 'espionage' experience at the Spy Museum - one of the newest must-see attractions of the Smithsonian.
For a fee, you receive an 'assignment' from Intelligence Headquarters and with a remote device/earbuds in place you venture outdoors for a mission that ultimately acquaints you with some of the famous spots in the downtown core.

Again, under a canopy of clear crisp and the bluest of skies, we had a remarkably unique, fun but frosty hour tour introducing us to places of note such as the Ford Museum - and the theatre box where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April of 1865.

For those who really couldn't handle the cold, a Starbucks on every corner became the covert rendezvous for ongoing reconnaissance.
Those of us who finished the secret agent mission were 'graded'; I was advised rather plainly NOT to quit my day job. LOL.

A lovely touristy spot in "uptown" Georgetown.

Catherine and her beau, Aaron pictured below.

Above: The man of the hour (the one of my life) who also managed to stick it out till the very end...dependable, reliable and much too guileless for the makings of a solid spy. I am glad. :)

Joel and Courtney above and siblings Joel and Sarah below.

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