Friday, January 15, 2010

She Eats Crow

I interrupt the regularly scheduled posting of our family breakaway to Washington DC for this important announcement. Are ya ready for this one?
It's a CONFESSION....and I am posting this primarily for the benefit of my niece Nicole Pts in Naples, my two sisters and my mom, whom have all played a direct role in this latest development....
Remember the knitting frenzy of November and the chiding you had to endure from me over the myriad side trips to Knitting Nancy's? (Okay, okay - not exactly myriad trips then).
Remember me yawning copiously on the beach pretending to be completely disinterested?

I came home, happily went about the recap of the memories for my blog using the theme of knitting (like a shameless fraud! :) and then - quite strangely, without explanation and before I even knew what was happening - went to visit sister Pauline with a reckless request to help me start a pair of slippers for my grandchildren.
Without skipping a beat, my sweet sister waltzed off to get a spare ball of wool, some needles and a do-able pattern.
What a generous act of faith and commitment on her part to tutor this skeptical proselyte!
I can only imagine how I looked making stabs at it with those things on my lap - I certainly felt like a quadriplegic.
As per typical, undoing many (okay, okay, MYRIAD then) ridiculous mistakes was part of the learning curve for me.
But here's the weird part: I actually enjoyed the process, humbling as it was. It took me far longer than average to get the job done but now, I can truly knit, purl, cast-on and bind-off with confidence! Not only that, but I felted these today and they actually shrunk to exactly the size I need for grand-daughter Juliana.
Please note the felted ankle flowers which mark the leg-warmer/slipper as right and left. (Puff and swell goes the chest)
Delight has trumped Disregard - and I have my beloved, eminently patient sister Pauline to thank for it. Here's to many more hours between us with conversation and the clicking of needles!

Next time we meet Nikki - I'll have my Fabric Art bag from Spun on the beach too!
Lessons learned?
You are never too old to learn something new.
Never scoff at the opportunity to learn a new trick - you may end up eating crow.
Like me. :)


  1. how lovely they look!! I'm so proud of you, and loved watching you blossom into the knitting fanatic that you've become. Can't wait to see the next pair.
    Love Pauline

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh Joanne! Does that mean there's hope for me too? With the grand-baby coming in March, I was thinking...."does this mean I have to learn how to knit?" You have inspired me!!


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