Friday, February 5, 2010

Pfft! and Pshaw!

Remember this picture?
It was part and parcel to my confessional blog entry about having to eat crow on the knitting thing.
WELL! I'm about to write my own I CAN'T BELIEVE version of a knitting experience....
I returned to Mary Maxim in Paris, Ontario this past Tuesday once again in the company of my sister Pauline. We went in for a few more supplies and some help about the provisional cast-on my sis did for me in the current project, which is a funky hat with pleats in the back.
It was Senior's Special Day.
We ambled through that store having to dodge slow moving walkers and their owners with various shades of gray - by the multitude! and that is not an exaggeration.
I was bored after a half hour and went to sit in my car and take messages on my cell phone.
My sister emerged with a triumphant smile and approached me at a somewhat urgent pace.
Before I could ask her about her obvious 'bag-less' state, she foisted her debit card on me and asked if I would go to the till and take advantage of the senior's discount on her behalf.
I stared in disbelief.
This was a joke right? Insensitive and ill-timed none-the-less.
....from my very beloved sister no-less.
But no.
Apparently, signing up for the 'Club 50' card could earn her a 20% savings.
I squelched down a rising disturbance.

Now I want you to understand that I really love my sister.
I would not have numbly followed her back into that store if that were not the case.
But you can sure bet that when the sudden attack of fuzziness to the brain cleared, I went full bore on a rant all the way home demanding to understand HOW a meager, insignificant, altogether inappropriate 20% savings could possibly make up for a 100% loss to my sense of worth and self-respect.

Oblivious to my wounded-ness, the cashier blithered on mindlessly about the new Club 50 being a big hit for drawing crowds.

My sister had the audacity to giggle.

I don't know, words like violation, devastation and despair come to mind.
Knitting suddenly brings GNARLY KNOTS to mind once again.
I pledge to never return to Mary Maxim without the company of my mother - or grandmother for that matter.
And never on a Tuesday.

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