Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Two/Three June 17, 2010

Had a few procedures and tests done at the Asklepios Hospital today.  An EKG and ultrasound for the heart to determine whether the port can be installed without risk.  That turned out just dandy by the way.  
We were sent home within 45 minutes WITH the test results in hand.  How's that for speed?  And all for 247 Euro's.  It practically costs me that to get my teeth cleaned.  

Asklepios is a greek god of medicine and healing.  The sign outside refers to it as a Krankenhaus.  Sounds like crankyhouse to me.  
I think it's important to let my hubby know that they offer this clinic at Asklepios. 
I think he should come and take advantage of this asap.
And Mom?  
She was taking it all in stride.
A waiting room televising the World's Cup soccer match of the day?

She could've waited all day with no crankiness whatsoever.


  1. Hello my fellow "Sound of Music" lover
    (other than the "cukoo" song)
    I'm glad to hear all is going well so far. Though it's maybe not so great for you, I'm glad Mom has soccer to occupy her mind and thus not having to dwell on her treatments. I wonder how your knitting is doing. Did you skype Cathy and get "back on the needle"? Almost sounds druggish, doesn't it!?! Anyway, we are all praying earnestly here and hope that your stay continues to be a good one. Is Mom actually starting the chemo yet or is that something else they're putting in intravenously?
    Love Susie

  2. Not surprised one bit that Grandma is glued to the world cup! Glad she can still enjoy the finer things in life:)


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