Friday, June 18, 2010

Port-Cath Install & Touring Bad Tolz

This sidewalk cafe is owned and operated by the Asklepios Hospital.  It's adjacent to the garden park (well-benched!) in front of the hospital.   Esthetics is so important for wellness.  It's a nice thought to be connected in blood & marriage to so many people who understand & commit to this in their vocation!
The infamous hospital garb once again...
For two euro's you can plunk your weary body into a Rucken Massage chair (this stand is down the hall from the hospital foyer) and treat your back to a glorious ten minute massage.  We rushed into the Leonardis clinic like two little school girls to tell Christine all about it.  She sniffed & politely informed us of a massage bed available in the lower level.  Well then!  The things we have yet to discover.

Isn't this a quaint cobblestone street in upper Bad Tolz.  The regular patrons here at Leonardis have suggested that there's not much happening here but at this stage of the stay, Mom and I beg to differ.
The 17th century church rebuilt after a fire claimed the original building.  I'll try and dig up some history on it later but for now - just enjoy the fantastic sights and views that were ours to revel in this day following the Port plant.  
Flash update!  Remember I was going to research some history on this church?  
Here it is from Google Translate: 
Bad Tolz an der Isar
Hoch uber der Isar auf dem Kalvarienberg steht die Krone von Tolz, die barocke Kalvarienberg-Kirche diese uberdacht die ehemals dort im Freien stehende Heilige Stiege mit 28 Stufen, diese wurde nach dem Vorbild derjenigen in Rom gefertigt, welche der Stiege nachgebildet wurde, auf der Christus zu Pontius hinaufgefuhrt und von dort oben dem Volke vorgestellt wurde.

Bad Tolz on the Isar
High above the river Isar on Calvary is the crown of Tolz, the Baroque church of Calvary that formerly covered the Holy Staircase standing there in the open air with 28 stages, this is modeled after those made in Rome, which the staircase was modeled on the Hinaufgefuhrt Christ to Pontius and from there to the people was presented.

(Many thanks to my dear friend Lilly who somehow gets me out of every technical fix I find myself!) 

Oh, the sound of a tolling church bell!  Victor tells us that it still tolls for ten minutes every Saturday at 3pm to commemorate a time when that signaled the end of the work day 
and the duty to start preparing for the Sabbath.   
Now there's a good custom to get back into.
An exquisite work of ceiling art in tile.  Man. That'd give you one crick in the neck eh?

I'm a bit of a freak for ancient doors.
Hey beloved?  Are we still considering a new wooden door entry?  :)
This is at 700m elevation.  The Alps tower to 2000m elevation.
Victor lit a candle here and I asked about the propriety of taking a picture.  We were the only three in the church but I didn't want to offend him.  No chance of that, so I took one anyway.  The town is decidedly Roman Catholic - and he thinks the possibility of locating an English speaking Protestant church is slim to none.  Good thing you once gave me your pastor's website and archived sermons Pouse.  It'll be 'church on the little screen' come Sunday.  Maybe I should find a bottle of wine in town....and some baguettes..... & then compliment that with some Muenster cheese??


  1. oh how I love reading your daily renditions of all you are doing & seeing. Josie you are doing a great job of keeping us informed & laughing. Mom you look fabulous, relaxed even. Make sure you are taking advantage of those massage chairs/beds. Love you both. (insert cyber hug here) Pauline

  2. Thinking of you both and holding you in prayer -
    Love and hugs

  3. My prayers are with you and your Mom, Jo, but if you had to be anywhere to have these medical treatments done, what a place to be in! Picturesque and historical, a delight for the senses! A small reward for trials cheerfully endured.

  4. Looks gorgeous! Glad you both are able to get out and see the sights while you can! Love from the Happy, barfy Hoogstads:)

  5. Hi Ina and Joanne, so happy and thankful to read all that is taking place. Joanne may I send the blog address to some of our children who would love to follow along? Beautiful photo's! Joanne your gift of writing is real to life, it contains the "simultaneaous sound of laughter and weeping."(One ofJ.Pipers titles)Praying that you will have a wonderful day of worship filled with God's continued strength and grace.
    love Pauline and John

  6. Hi Aunt Pauline:
    Bad Heilbrunn (where Leonardis Klinik is located) is an old Bavarian town. Apparently everyone goes around in traditional dress all day Sunday. Some even go to church by horse-cart! You can bet I'll be doing a walkabout with my camera and sharing that sight.
    Please feel free to pass on the blog address. Thanks much for your words of encouragement. We rely heavily on the prayers of saints at home. Luv you!


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