Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Concert Coming up!

Am thoroughly pumped, excited, stoked and like manner preparing five songs from Ireland's most amazing hymn writers of this day -- Keith and Kristyn Getty.
Hit the link - visit their official website and be refreshed and reminded of God's amazing love by the sights and sounds.
We sure are over at CCS!


  1. Hi Joanne,
    This is Joanne. ( Judy's sister) I already posted this once but somehow it got lost after I edited it. I saw your sister Pauline and brother Mark and your Mom and Dad today at the Calvin Christian school bazaar. (My nephew teaches there) Pauline had parked beside us and I even then said to Anita " She really looks like a VanderKruk" and then later on she came up to us and said "you look familiar" and so we chatted for a bit. So nice to see them again. I saw Rick too but did not get chance to talk to him.
    I love your blog. You are a very gifted writer. And musician I hear!! I will leave you my email address and maybe you could give me Pauline's.
    So neat to chat with them today. My email is
    Thanks Joanne
    Take good care, Joanne

  2. Hi Joanne, Judy's sister from Joanne, Pauline's sister. LOL!
    What an absolute delight to hear from you again. I am so thrilled at the reconnection of our families. May it continue to the blessing of us all. I shall e-mail you in length and thank you VERY much for giving me the opportunity.
    Love you and think of you guys often now and am looking forward to a face to face encounter soon. Florida??
    Let's think on it. If it involves golf, my hubby will be all over it. :)


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