Thursday, February 24, 2011

To My Precious little Peeps

 From the land of sun and rolling waves, a grandma reads a pop-up book to her grandest of peeps to bring comfort to her soul and (hopefully), a bit of sunshiny happiness to her little people while we await our reunion on a couch nearby and more familiar....

One of the glorious acquisitions from the Borders Bookstore Blowout sale.   A well-timed browse thru a bookstore gone bust.  ..... At least in MY humble opinion.  

By Mo Willems 
Paper Engineering by Bruce Foster (geniously gifted I'd say)

Big Frog Can't Fit in...
 She really wants to fit in.  But how??
Will Someone PLEASE show her?
 You see how poor frog doesn't fit in this book eh?
(Big frog is Canadian)
If only she were smaller she thought...
More bendable perhaps?....

But... sadly, she is not.  
And Big frog can't stand it!
Fortunately, Big Frog has a few fabulous little friends.... 

They are thoughtful and hopeful, as good friends generally are.  They are scheming up a solution.
It puts a little smile on her face...
 And here it is.
So Simple really.

Yeah.  Just Make a Bigger Book!

Aren't friends wonderful?


  1. Now the kids are REALLY wanting you to come home...

  2. Now the gramma is REALLY wanting to come home too....

    Mikster, Rachie and Deedee? I love you 100, 1000 and a million. Pretty soon we will see each other again! Two more sleeps!

  3. p.s. Ditto that to Julsie and Leapster. *sigh* Can't wait!
    (but have to)

  4. I asked Elyse what she wanted to say to Grandma in response... She said "I LOVE YOU!"
    I'll have to show Jules the post when she is up from her much-needed nap (yes, now SHE is feeling lousy. Can't wait for this winter to be over!!!!)
    Love you :)

  5. We voted in class and decided that you're just going to have to come in and read it to us too :)

  6. great life lesson - even for big peeps:)
    Saturday at 1:17pm

    Sheila Kamstra


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