Saturday, April 9, 2011

Around the house this weekend...

It pains me to talk about it, but the unthinkable fact is thus:
Our second born son is springing the coop next month --- moving into a place of his own and marrying his highschool sweetheart the month after that.   With our baby girl living in Hamilton most of the year, we are looking at a virtually empty nest.
There are some changes I do not wear well.
I think this may be one of them.

For whatever reason, our second born son pulled a Samson and didn't have a razor on his head for a full year.  We didn't make much of it.  By now, we are actually learning to discern the insignificant from the not so.  Yet, I had been mentally preparing myself for the rather interesting exercise of trying to distinguish one from the other on the upcoming wedding photo's ---  perhaps the thought occurred to him as well...
.... because he came home today a full pound of locks lighter.
Meanwhile, our first born and her hubby enjoyed a weekend away to celebrate their 7th anniversary.  Seven years.   A very nice number indeed and one we pray will only become fuller in every way possible.  Their off-spring stayed here while mommy and daddy went to date  :)
The pain of recognizing the empty nest syndrome was at least temporarily stayed.
They found the hand-puppets and quickly invented a show that repeated itself.
Somewhat endlessly.
I snuck around back-stage to capture just how completely absorbed they were in their impromptu  story-telling effort.

We moved to the couch area so their audience of one could sit down and drink coffee while the animation of the show grew to fever pitch.
So much so that they practically put themselves to bed after lunch for some much needed quiet time.
I surely would have joined them had 
Rachie not chose the opportunity to make much of her bruised daddy toe - the one that had the piano bench topple over it, requiring many fresh changes of Dora the Explorer dressing and applications of polysporin. 
My own mom would be proud.  She was a firm believer in the fact that a dab of polysporin along with a demonstrative kiss could solve most life-threatening situations...
It turns out to be a reliable remedy that works.  
But I think it strange to use polysporin 
... and feel such a stab of pain.

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  1. I love it when you blog about my kids. At least somebody is! Love the puppet show pics and description. LOL!


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