Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul

Indelible Grace

This exquisite rendering (by Sandra McCracken of Indelible Grace) of an old hymn written by one who suffered much, is just one more reason the Chicago conference proved such blessing and balm for our hearts.
Some hymns of long ago are simply heads and shoulders above the rest - this is one of them!
I'd write the words out for you - but she sings them so clearly, I think it would only distract you.
Please enjoy....quietly.

p.s. I have so many new (old) favourites again - I fear the Great Hymns of Faith Project may have to be trumped.

p.p.s......my beloved may not know that I've uttered such a thing.




  1. Ooooh!!!!! :)
    That sounds like a grand idea!
    Count me in!

  2. Goad me not my friend. :)
    But surely you know - I'd NEVER embark on such a project without you!

  3. Trumped you say? Hmmm....I guess I shall have to await your next achievement with baited breath as I cannot imagine a better CD than your Great Hymns of Faith!

  4. Beautiful!..and we'd definitely be game for your idea...pending approval from your dearest, of course! Thanks for sharing all this beautiful music with us.


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