Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bird Brain

For days now, I've had a colourful yet-to-be-identified feathered friend 
trying to bust through my dining room window.
Very aggresively - on purpose - repeatedly.  
I did the respectable thing and googled this phenomenon in search of a plausible explanation.
I like the way this guy put it....

Here's one possibility:  the bird is protecting a nearby nest from the
'threat' they see lunging at them in the reflection of the window....
their own.  Hmmm....
As always, it brings to mind the words of a song I know, this one by Rich Mullins:
I'd rather fight You for what I don't really want than take what you give that I need,
and I beat my head against so many walls,
now I'm falling...

One thing is sure, there are legit bird brains out there and then there's those of us 
who just act like we have one. 


  1. it may be a female mourning warbler. That's my guess. Cora

  2. Thanks Cora, that's a very good educated guess. I google chromed it :) and consider that the closest thing to what I'm seeing here.
    Fortunately, it hasn't broken it's neck yet - and if this fierce rain stops, I'll go outside to see if there is indeed a nest kicking around...


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