Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peeps of the Heart

The call this morning went out sudden and urgent ....
Cousinfest today ALL day - issued by grandparental decree - to commence as fast as your mums and daddy's can get you here.
It was sheer Delight.
a Smilebox Slideshow to commemorate and demonstrate -
put to the strains of Here's to Song from CCS' first album:  The Music Within.
The Chorus:
Here's to Song, here's to Time.
Here's to both with friends of mine.
Here's to friends who raise their voices high.... 
Kings have riches widely lain
Lords have land - but then again, 
We have friends and song no wealth can buy.

By the way, the kids sport an eclectic array of clothing, requiring some clarification:  
A teensy inconsequential spill on the front of Rachie's shirt caused a break-neck charge to my cupboard of 'spare' clothing --- which is code for 'dress-up' --- which is a highly revered past-time here.  LOL.

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  1. Looks like they had a fun day!
    Henriette VanHof

  2. Who needs to go to a park when all those adorable kids can have fun at Grandpa & Grandma's home! What a treat...sooo fun!
    Cherish every moment!


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