Tuesday, June 14, 2011


redress |riˈdres; ˈrēˌdres|verb [ trans. ]remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situationthe power to redress the grievances of our citizens.• archaic set upright again some ambitious architect being called to redress a leaning wall.nounremedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance those seeking redress for an infringement of public law rights.PHRASESredress the balance take action to restore equality in a situation.
Summer breezes are here at last.  My beloved and I went out for dinner last night with our son who is springing from the coop next week.  It was a 'celebration' of sorts.  I have to say this tongue in cheek because that yucky moment of reckoning with an empty nest and the cavernous hollow that is now our home - is unavoidably near.  Yes, yes.  I eagerly anticipate his wedding day and am thankful for the gift entrusted to him and his beloved to establish their new home together...but... yeah.  Just ignore me please. 
Entering the restaurant, we were forced to wade through a sea of what appeared to be high-school students dressed for a grad party or a prom night.  Dressed for prom night? she writes ruefully.  No. Decidedly undressed for prom night is more like it. Dressed to kill is most apt.  What we were forced to take in with our eyes crossed the line of decency at least three miles ago.  With a sorry mixture of sadness and anger, I resign myself to yet another cycle of angst over the way our world increasingly abandons all restraint in the arena of modesty and decency.Innocent and naive about their provocation?   Baloney.
And not just our world "out there".  No, sadly enough.  Let's be honest.Our community, our church family, our moms and our daughters....And here's the killer:  the silence on the subject is so - deafening.  When did we raise that white flag of surrender? Why?

Something has to change.We have to.For our children's sake.  For our husbands, our sons, for our witness, for God's glory.
Here's a link that might dispel any notion of this being a non-issue:Sisters, Show Mercy!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Joanne. I can't agree more that it's so very important...and hard to have our daughters accept that fact when they see so many around them dressed provocativly...it becomes normal when they see so much of it that they have a hard time understanding that it's an issue.


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