Friday, July 8, 2011

Some New Grand at Chesley

First of all, I forgot to mention how our Coffeehouse culminated, and it needs noting.
Nieces Heather and Emily had worked feverishly on knitting an afghan for Grandma in the hopes of presenting it to her with time enough to enjoy it.
That timely moment as you know, never materialized.
So instead...
It was their decision to present the blanket to her dearest friends in her memory.
The way this knitting parallel keeps springing up unexpectedly in the fabric of our lives leaves me with a great sense of wonder and gratitude.   
Like being wrapped up in a comfortable sense of the mysterious :)
Uncle Bert and Aunt Arien?  We love you too...
Two days later, as if by way of divine confirmation that ALL of life at every stage, is safely in His hands, Pauline (& Gerry) became the fourth of Mom's children to be rewarded with the crown of grandparenthood!  
Little Gideon Alexander arrived a month early and becomes the twelve great-grandchild in a growing family clan that continues to taste much undeserved goodness from a Faithful Father God.
Lindsay and Brad are the proud parents and are doing well.
The grand-parents are simply out of their minds with delight.  
We TOTALLY get it.  
Is this little 6 pounder not the sweetest most alert preemie EVER???

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