Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer and Sundays

We've seen some crazy weather systems this summer.  
One early morning in June (and I mean '1:30' a.m. early) we found ourselves ~ a small band of the PJ-clad and the utterly fascinated, woken from sleep and standing slack-jaw in front of an upper story bedroom window.  
Slack jawed and naive I might add.
The violence & fury of thunder & lightning of that night (along with the hurricane force winds bowing our trees every which way) was matched, perhaps even trumped! 
at the end of August ~ 
a storm we watched from a basement window this time around.
Saner yes, but not near as much bang for your buck as the saying goes.
                            And yet ...
Who can watch such a display of power and might and not feel very small indeed?
This is what I've come to appreciate most about Storms in general, whether they be spiritual, physical, emotional or geographical...
they put me in my place and in a proper perspective.
Dependent and very much at the mercy of the Creator of the universe.
The same One who scoops the ocean in his two hands,
measures the sky between thumb and pinkie,
who marches an army of stars out each night, 
counts them off, calls each by name...
Calls each by name!
Seriously, who do we think we are?
Who even comes close to being like God?

We had a terrific sermon this morning covering 
the comfort message of Isaiah 40.  
What a great Word that is.
Need some encouragement?
You'll find it there in spades.
Happy Sabbath Rest to all.

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