Saturday, October 15, 2011

Songs & Stories Tour USA

We're in Valparaiso, Indiana -  "investing" in our marriage and other loves like golf, music, used bookstores, coffee shops, Amarone - the list goes on and on.  There are just so many good things about this life isn't there?
We are drawn to this place in particular, 8 hours from home, to attend a concert at the Valparaiso Nazarene Church, one of the stops in a ten week Songs & Stories tour through the USA by Steven Curtis Chapman along with Josh Wilson and Andrew Peterson.
It was SOOOooo good.  Man!  Was it GOOD.
But I have to go to sleep first before I launch headlong into a recap.  I have to golf tomorrow with my hubby and I want to beat him.  On the scorecard that is.  That's what I meant of course.
Here's a few snapshots we managed to snag tonight...

 Andrew Peterson of Counting the Stars fame.   He was OUR drawing card for sure!
 This dude below with the cool hat played so many different instruments, he boggled the senses with his multi-talent.  His cello playing alone was enough to render one weeping - it was 'plugged' and the sound of it resonated so deep I felt it rumbling in my chest.  (We were in row 4:)
This Synthesizer man (pictured below) is Ben Shive, trusty sidekick to Andrew Peterson - shows up on all his albums including a soon to be released kids album called Slugs & Bugs Vol. 3  So much fun to watch in action.  That little blue thing at his elbow is a teeny miked xylophone (like a Fisher Price toy!) that peeled out sound like church bells. 

A long shot down the centre aisle of tonights venue.
These pic's tell a certain story about Daddy's Cinderella - perhaps I'll share that story tomorrow when I'm feeling a little less raw. There's a version of this song on Youtube as well.  I'll post that tomorrow too.  Tomorrow.  What am I saying?  It IS tomorrow already and I have a score to settle on some nearby fairways that require a good nights sleep!  *sigh*  

.....zzzz... shhh.... more tomorrow...

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