Sunday, February 17, 2013

From North to Naples

This is a panoramic photo (compliments of friend Lilly) of the first and fastest storm I've ever witnessed rolling in from the ocean.  It was a rather phenomenal sight - the temperature literally dropped by the minute and a ferocious wind kicked up enough sand to put an abrupt end to our picnic on the beach. 
Doesn't look so threatening does it?
But an hour later it's "mild" beginning... began.
Very soon after that panoramic shot we scurried back over the boardwalk in Delgor-Wiggins State Park to our vehicle and made haste, seeking refuge in Books-A-Million where the rain came down (monsoonal style) and thundered on the roof loud enough to interfere with normal conversation.  
I've been happily visiting this part of Florida for many years and have never seen the likes of it.
This is a new activity for us.  I must say, we could get quite used to it except that biking at home (anywhere) is not unlike risky behaviour, living on the edge, and downright dangerous.  
This, on the other hand, is not such a new activity for us.
Eeek!  The Ents have relocated!  And look at that prevailing stormy sky.  
It might chase one off the beach but there is NO way to intimidate the die-hard golfer 
(of the sort I am married to).
We are really enjoying our rental digs.  There's my funny boy.
Books A Million here in Naples has a giant banner draped outside announcing Store Closing. 
This is a sad thing. 
I confess I felt like a vulture descending on some woe-begotten prey.  But I did it anyway.  
 I exercised restraint mostly only because my beloved said I wasn't allowed to buy another 
suitcase to ship all the books back home.  
The spoil-sport.  :) 

Naples in Florida is now synonymous with knitting as well.  This is crow eating admission for me, having heckled my family & having protestith overmuch at the notion not even 3 years ago.   
So I just want to say, in my effort to come clean and all, I started this all on my own 
and even watched several online videos last week to jog my memory on how to knit 
in a seamless round with two circular needles.
Grand-daughter Danielle picked out this skein of hot pink wool with candy coloured flecks 
in the hopes that I would make her a beret.  Well. It's done my little Dee.   
Tomorrow, I will attempt a few flowers to accessorize the hat in a manner that matches 
the fun & flair of your personality! 
To temper this dangerous amount of pride, I make special mention once again of my sister. 
Let's face it, without her extraordinary long-suffering mentoring I'd be nowhere on the knitting scene.  
And finally, I love spending this leisure time catching up on some reading, blogging and cooking, 
...with wine of course.  
Hey! Some recipes do call for it.

We enjoyed a birthday dinner with Lilly at The Bay House - famous in the area for its mind-boggling seafood menu.  We dined outside as the sun set and a nearby firepit substituted its warmth.  The waiter insisted we go inside to the crustacean bar to see the "beautiful" 8 pound crab available to a fearless diner.  Or was it 4pound beast suitable as appetizer for 8?  We can't seem to agree on the facts.  Another admirer put a 10 ounce glass in front of the shot for perspective.  CRUSTacean's are aptly named don't you think?


  1. Danielle loves it, Grandma! They are also excited about the books. Why didn't you order the crab??? :)

  2. looks like lots of fun!!!!!! in all regards , miss ya guys

  3. Looks like you're having a great time relaxing. Enjoy!
    Henriette VanHof


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