Sunday, February 3, 2013

Furry Burry in need of a name!

Was it really ME who claimed knitting to be the amusement equivalent of watching paint dry?

Meet furry burry.

My first project with fun fur.   
Since he'll be living with us indefinitely, offering hugs and comfort to innumerable soul mates now living in the family clan (and some yet to be!) Furry Burry will need a name of more lasting value.
A name that will truly distinguish him from the store-bought counterparts.... 

He is quite lovable.  I have found him to be a patient and interesting couch mate with good listening ears, eyes that melt the heart and a quirky lop-sided smile that disarms even the most cautious.
So what about it kids?  
Can you help me come up with a fitting monkier for our little buddy?
I think a first and second name is appropriate.
Maybe even three?


  1. I suppose Marvin E. Monkey is already taken...
    Mo! Maurice. Maureen
    Mo Q Monkey.
    Or Edgar.
    Is it named yet?

    1. Oh wait.
      Was this a grandbaby job? I'm so used to having to name all the stuffies in the classroom...

  2. LOL! Only a well-seasoned primary grade teacher could come up with those names. Someone who spoils her kids by reading a ton of Mo Willems & Kevin Henkes aloud to them perhaps??
    I'll be alerting the grandkids to the fact that their christening opportunity is almost expired....

  3. Micah says:
    Lincoln Larry

    Rachel says:
    Hannah Marie Rose

    Danielle says:
    Daisy Maizy Puffball

    Amy says:
    Ralphy Phinneas
    Flair Bear
    Bobbie-Jo Baby
    Otis Cunningham
    Winston Felix
    Zebedee Thomas

    Alida says:
    Snapple Apple
    Cutesie Cubsie

  4. ohh, thanks Hoogies. those are good. and numerous! :)
    I'll give the vp's 24 hours to contribute before deciding the winning combination of names.

  5. Oh! We are late to the game...
    Here goes:

    Billy Bob Marley

    Mavis Lee McDoodle

    Brownie Fuzzi-Bunz

    Bunny Boo Bear

    "Um" (that was his response when I asked him)

    Does that give you SOMEthing to work with??
    Sheesh... who knew this naming business was so difficult?? (BTW - we have a hard enough time coming up with names for a baby, much less a bear) ;-)

  6. Wow. That was about all she could say. Wow.
    What have I gotten myself into now?
    ... decision to be announced in a few hours pending collaboration with the other judge.


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