Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sons of the Son

A tender heart for the wee ones.
           I knew this to be true of him all these years.
           It's what drew me to him in the first place;
                       - that kind heart.
And now it's captured in this picture, which for me,
           really is worth a thousand words.

My own heart is flooded with thoughts & feelings 
that for the moment, refuse to be pinned down to a page.
Thoughts about what Love looks like.
About Fathers & Sons.  About the One Son.
               Good Friday
                     Resurrection Morning and...
My heart is flooded.

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    Melanie Kottelenberg, Cynthia VanderLaan, Joanne Ostermeier and 23 others like this.

    Jackie Blokker Aww so precious Joanne !

    Sarah N. VanPopta Love this, Mom.

    Debbie Vandersluis Precious!

    Jackie Linde ...and l can just hear and feel Barry's contentment


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