Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's time!

A Spray of Spring flowers for a very special Lady Love of ours!
It's always about TIME isn't it?
That infernal four letter word. At once friend, then foe. Eluding us, escaping us, relentlessly ticking away. Where does it go? Why does it fly?
But enough of this!
The first day of spring has long since passed us by and this blog has just now got its much needed face-lift for the new season. My apologies for making you wait this interminable stretch for the necessary adjustments and for new news. New old news, that is ;)
I am presently engaged in scanning a delectable stock of family photos into my computer library to carry on with the mission 'manifesto' of this blog - my family's attempt to re-connect with our long lost grand-daughter, niece and cousin Nicole Kristine Pts.

Hello again Nicole. Among the photo ops, you will find one of your Aunt Pauline with her arm around the birthday girl - her mom, my mom, granny to 33 and great-granny to ten. And just above this text is your cousin Mark (who is also 23) with his little niece Rachel Yvonne. Amy named her first daughter after your mom....a great choice it turns out, she's got the trademark elfin like looks and wily personality!
Your grandma turned 70 yesterday. She hosted us all for breakfast - a lovely routine chaos we have grown comfortable with, perhaps even endeared to - much like your mom once was.
....soon you will have a birthday yourself.
On April 21rst, you will become twenty-three years of age.
Oh man - there's the taunting 'tempus fugit' notion again - years flashing by in slow motion. ??
Who can explain these things?
Congratulations niece, cousin and grand-daughter of ours; may the Lord bless your special day and your life to come - in ways immeasurable!

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