Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Incredibles from Grade 3/4!

Recently, I had the wonderful privilege of performing some of our school choir favourites at a beautiful church in downtown Hamilton with the grade 3/4 class.
We were guests of the Hamilton Duet Club - the oldest established ladies choir in Canada.
They administer a few scholarship funds to award to groups who promote the joy and love for singing. I think the students of CCS fit that bill to a perfect T and then some!
I am so very proud of them all. They give me so much joy in my work, I'm afraid I will never be able to retire from my "job" there.
May the Giver of every voice and breath be praised!
Here are four of my favourite videos - taken by the one and only inimitable Miss J!
Thanks so much friend, for capturing this moment for us and affording us the luxury of many repeat performances.
video video video video

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  1. We're all sincerely hoping that you never retire! What would we do?!
    I think I may have a little clue to help you with more downloading of videos, which I'll share with you later. I really want to see those clips up here :)
    And I think there's a Grade 1 / 2 class who will want to check it out as well. Oh I have some students who aspire to be up there singing! (including one who I had to hold back from joining you)
    It was a wonderful evening!


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