Monday, May 11, 2009

To Be So Rich!

What can I say? Few things leave me speechless. But this does...
Photography credit goes first to my eldest daughter, mom to three of these precious little people and secondly to my second born daughter who danced a jig to keep their attention and who is mom to the remaining two delightful people.
What the Bible says is true: BLESSED are you to see your children's children.
Art (above) by Julsie. A deft hand stemming from an inquisitive mind.
*sigh* that like bragging??

Motherhood's Reward
She rocks another baby...
hums an age-old lullaby.
She hopes no one is watching
as with thanks, she starts to cry.

Remembering the time
when the babies were her own,
And her mother told her gently
too soon they would be grown.

Lots of bedtime stories,
skinned knees, and tears to dry,
Teddy bears, toy trucks and dolls
and kites up in the sky.

First days of school, first loves, first cars,
the proms, the wedding days,
Sand castles and snowball fights
and teaching them to pray.

Now, as she holds her grandchild
and gives thanks unto the Lord,
She knows to be a grandma
is motherhood's reward!

To mark Mother's Day 2009 I would like to say:
Thank you Creator Father God for life in the first place.
Thank you Jesus for Life in abundance and full indeed.
Thank you daughters for the gift of Grandmotherhood.
You have made me rich beyond compare.

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