Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forty Ten

The second half of our week burned bright as you can see. Our round of golf at the beautiful Cobble Beach of Owen Sound Georgian Bluffs made for a great jump start to Barry's birthday celebration the next day. It is a remarkable course overlooking the Owen Sound of Georgian Bay for those who love the game as well as for those who simply persevere at it! :)
I myself, took another sound beating from that silly dimpled ball of mine... but the company and the ambience diminished the pain enough to leave a favourable impression of the day.

Dinner at the clubhouse stretched out an hour longer than we had supposed so it was 10'ish before our headlights found the dusty gravel road back up to our cottage. Barry spotted a handmade sign embellished with a spray of balloons out of the corner of his eye. It was our first clue that something was up here at the camp and it read: Guess Who's? rather cryptically. Every 100 feet or so was a marker for 10, then 20, 30, 40, Over the Hill (strategically placed at the crest of the hill) and finally Barry's 50! as we rounded the corner to our cottage.
All the lights were on at our cottage, another sure sign of foul play. The driveway was lined with emergency tape, a rather large inflatable dog and more sprays of balloon bobbled their greetings.... on closer inspection there appeared to be many bodies within the well lit cottage.

Fortunately - the perpetrators of this surprise couldn't find a live old goat for hire (plan A) and had to resort to the Old Dog theme. Everyone came to sign the momento ... we'll definitely have to find a special place for the beast - a basement cupboard perhaps?

I must confess, it was an odd but wonderful feeling to 'host' a party and have all the fuss and bother done FOR me. I believe that is the first time ever - and we loved every minute of it!
Our guests stayed long enough to usher in Barry's special day and then some and then some more. LOL. In the end, there weren't too many hours of July 10 that we didn't savour in the company of others, if you get my meaning.
Someone had thoughtfully built a campfire down at the dock to create a choice of gathering places. The deck above was delightfully crowded for most of the evening.
Campfires are SO cozy!

Family of ours?? You've outdone yourselves and we thank you sincerely for making this milestone so memorable for us.


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