Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Guess who's crawled out of hiding long enough to threaten me now?
I found this posted last night on the Inevitable Consequences - the Backstory.
Hmm..... what to do now she wonders? Any suggestions dear readers?

Anonymous said...
If the libelous information regarding the Peters Family is not removed within 24 hours, you will receive a libel lawsuit from my attorney.


  1. Actually, it is not who you think. You call yourselves "Christians", but posting third hand information that is not correct merely shows you do not practice what you preach. Your feelings and blogs are not the issue; however you cross the line (legally and moraly) when you print lies. You will have to answer to God on this one - not me.

  2. Joanne,

    It is very sad that this person keeps him/herself anonymous. He/she should have the courage to state who he/she is especially when threats of legal action and divine judgment are made!

    I'm calling "Anonymous" to reveal who he/she is to Joanne. If you are appealing to God, and if you have the same God as Joanne, then you owe that to her. You ought not to hide behind a cloak of anonymity.


  3. George, all I ask is the truth be published. Most of the blog is fine...but when a writer slanders people, the line of decency is crossed - and it puts you much farther away from what you are trying to achieve.

    Truthfully, I started to read the blog with an open mind. I became incensed when it turned ugly. No matter how hurt people may be, the "other cheek" was not turned.

  4. Dear Anonymous
    Since you're not willing to state your name, though your words seem to give an indication of who you may be, and you wish that the truth be published, why don't you use this forum to state what the truth is?
    I know Joanne, I know she doesn't lie. If you believe this post has lies about the Peters family, and you seem to know what the truth is, can't you share that with us?

  5. I defer to Joanne to tell what can be proven as fact versus opinion. Feelings often cloud our ability to distinguish opinion from fact. As I stated earlier, I began reading this blog with an open mind. The name-calling and writing of third-party conversations (which in a court of law are not admissible - so why would they be here) moved me away from being sympathetic and far away from helping you in the reconciliation you so desire.

  6. I pray that God will soften hearts for Nicole's sake, so that the objective of having her get to know her mother's side of the family, will be fulfilled; who we are and whom we serve, and that she will not feel torn in her desires to love her complete family.
    Susan Vanderkruk

  7. Dear Anonymous:
    I trust you will find the blog revision to your satisfaction and if not, that you will further advise me on this forum.
    You speak very piously about God being our judge of heart, intent and character. Indeed He is ultimate Judge, before whom both you and I will one day stand.
    Then, the whole truth will be known by everyone, everywhere including Nicole.
    Meanwhile, you have my pledge to be more sensitive in what I record in the public domain - in retrospect, I can understand that some of that particular post was too raw and premature to be of benefit to the objective of presenting ourselves to our long lost niece, cousin and grand-daughter.
    A question remains.
    Why ARE you hiding?

  8. Even though I do not know exactly who I am writing to, I'm assuming it's Mr. Peters or maybe Brian or maybe even Nicole!

    I just wish to say Hi! How are you? I hope all is well!

    I've thought many times over the years about you Nicole and you too Brian! Wondering how you are, what you are doing. It would be great to see you both again!

    Adrian and I are doing well, we still live in Waterdown with our 6 kids, 4 horses, 1 dog, 25 chickens, etc! We'd love to have you down someday!

    In light of the last day's comments, I do wish to say that it is unfortunate to have made a connection on these terms. I would have preferred something very different! On the other hand, it did create a reaction and we found someone that is connected to Nicole that is reading this blog. I hope that we can restore some positive connection in the very near future!

    It will always be our hope to meet up with you again. If you ever wish to connect, our door is always open and you will always be welcome!

    Love Cathy, Adrian and family


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