Friday, August 28, 2009

Little packages are the BEST

Another summer sleepover to hang out with gramma. This time we had some special surprise visitors...

The first order of the day is the now standard breakfast from McDonalds on the back porch.
It's a tad surreal to walk into that local breakfast joint and see who's gracing the tables - all bespectacled retired folk in crowns of gray!
...I take mine to go.

This is Norman. Brother to black Benji. They dropped by with their owner, Auntie Pauline for a rousing session of socialization. Aunt Pauline is a highly favoured family relation whose popularity only pales slightly when accompanied by Uncle GERRY! Can you hear them squealing out his name?

A nippy morning dictates a pass through the cupboards to find some makeshift sweaters.

Barbie sports the same wild tousled hairdo and shades of her playmate for the day...

It took less than a minute to forge a bond with these two sets of siblings.

Somehow, I knew it wouldn't be long before their passive nature was exploited. This almost trumps Thomas the Train!

Norman's look of resignation is even funnier with Micah's mischievous countenance behind it.

Look gramma, he loves me.

Best friends - for the moment

Rachel cracks me up but...

...this kid just makes me howl. She insists on doing EVERYTHING her older siblings do and then some more. Her zest for life is infectious.

I coaxed him down, training the camera lens on his expression. He wisely predicted I wouldn't be able to catch him at the bottom and gave me the most hilarious look of betrayal when he landed in a heap on the grass.

Rays of sunshine bounce off the slide and light up a beautiful expression of my little elfin grand-daughter.
These three revel in the outdoors and teach me much about savouring the simple pleasures in this life.

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