Friday, August 28, 2009

Reading Thinking and Resolutions

What a dynamite combination that is! Reading and thinking.
Too bad so many of us have put it aside for the incessant, increasing hubbub of life in general.
Me? I'm tired of making excuses for myself.
I want to grow up and activate that ancient vow of mine to arise every morning at 5am for the express purpose of reading and meditating for the first hour of each day * yawn/gasp! *

I want to be able to walk into my personal library unashamed for a change - hands on the hips - eyes surveying shelf after shelf of books all doggy-eared and dustfree!
I'd love for that Queen Anne's chair in the corner to lose its' pristine appearance.

I should
I would
I could

And now, for those smart people that DO make time for good reading - here's a blog post my daughter just sent me - wisely noting its appeal and kindly sharing it: mercy!
... just one of the topics that never fail to stimulate vigorous discussion in our family circle.
And how I adore vigorous discussion.

She reads. Her husband reads. Her three toddlers read! A ton. Luv you kids. Tons more.
I think I'll be a more regular follower of this blog; it features a smorgasbord of thought provoking articles layed out in a highly polished format.
So it's not a book! My laptop will superimpose nicely with it's metal spine and positioning as I lounge in that Queen Anne's chair creating a sinkhole like never before.
Should this confessional pledge of mine ever morph into a fast and furious habit, you'll be in the know, probably without even saying so.

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