Monday, December 14, 2009

Why not?

The grandkids and I have bandied about this idea of an indoor wiener roast for quite some time now. So.... Schnieder's Jumbo for supper it was!
It was the tail-end of a cold front this week and our fireplace burned bright for much of it - if the large pail of ashes on its way to the forest is any indication.
When push came to shove, the little tykes were not so keen to get near the flames with their roasting sticks. I managed to snag a quick picture before having to take over and finish the job myself. Sheesh. Some party.
Rachel hung in there a bit longer than...
.... her fearful, ever cautious brother. *sigh*
How pray tell, does such a young mind manage to think of every worst case scenario?
I thought little three year-old boys were supposed to be major imps with only mischief to occupy their every waking moment?
Oh. Right. Genetics. :) LOVE 'em both!
And Rachel? She just wanted to know where the marshmellows were.

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  1. Best idea EVER! Looks like (most of) the kids enjoyed it:) And if you had three surgeries by your third birthday, I think you'd be a little cautious, too!


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