Thursday, December 24, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

Dollies & Doctor was the order of the day back in MY day. It's still a time-honoured respectable playtime activity around our place - particularly if Aunt Catherine can be sweet talked into the deal....
I think I have to invest in a few more dolls tho' - the skill for 'let's be patient and share' is simply too much to ask of four grand-daughters all vying for a crack at motherhood. Fortunately, this is NOT the type of doll that wets and whines on command.
Pfft! What on earth are toy manufacturers smoking these days to dream up such a thing?
Playing with the princess dress-up clothes are next in order of top grabs here at our house.
I'd post a pic of our one and only grandson in his favourite, but grandpa has just forbidden it. :)
But the real intrigue at our place is the legendary Dr.Seuss as an interactive computer book/game. I taught them how to use the touch finger pad on my laptop to brighten the screen when it 'sleeps' and they all take turns doing it with great ease and respect.
I absolutely love watching them earnestly follow the story and am amazed that countless repeats of same have never lost appeal. Dr. Seuss was onto something!

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