Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Forty Ten in Washington D.C.

So here I am. A soul with fifty years behind her. Those who have already 'enjoyed' this milestone may understand what I mean when I describe it as a curious process --- this coming to terms with the fact that YES! - it is a special blessing, a humbling honour if you will, but how pray tell, can I be at this place already??
My beloved who has listened to a fair bit of verbal angst from his wife over the course of 2009 has blessed me with a remarkably memorable experience to celebrate the occasion...
In what has become my favourite movie quip of the year, I would like to say this to my hubby:
You are "the butter to my bread, the breath to my body".
Love is our friendship caught fire and I am truly honoured to grow old with you!
Family, Faith, Food, Fellowship.
There could not have been anything more exquisite to my way of thinking.
Monday evening, December 28 with my family at The Capitol Grille on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C. will forever remain in my mind - as one of life's finest.

Wayne the Waiter has done exactly that for 30 years. In a private back room, he served our family with such flair and passion - it was as if we had scored our own personal entertainer for the evening. Like a mind reader, he'd attend to the smallest detail before the thought even entered our heads.
Above is the carcass comparison of a two and four pound lobster.
Almost obscene isn't it? Yet, as I have been recently smitten (bitten?) with the Julia Child's cooking bug, I have rashly vowed to not only eat one of these things but to steam a live one myself in a large cauldron on my own stove.
And yes, I will have this attempt video taped for posterity since it will likely only ever happen ONCE in this life.
Wayne brought me a wedge of birthday cake that was SO ridiculously large - I had to share it with everyone around the table or see it wasted. A single lighted candle stuck in the middle of it was a merciful gesture to keep it low-key and delicate. Mind reader. You see what I mean?

And now I shall endeavour to share the wonders of this trip with a blog post for each day.


  1. Congratulations, Joanne, with the 11th anniversary of your 39th birthday.


  2. LOL! So sensitively expressed George. Thank-you.
    I'm not sure this is a reasonable comparison but it's like the odometer of a much-loved, well-worn, faithful vehicle rolling over into the next 100,000 clicks...such is the pause for reflection :)


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