Saturday, January 2, 2010

InTown UpTown of Washington D.C.

This is Sandi the Innkeeper extraordinaire. She's renovated her beautiful Century home into a Bed & Breakfast with 8 elegantly appointed rooms on the second and third floors. We were drawn more often than not to the common areas on the ground floor - in front of the fireplaces or at the dining table for a round or two of 7Up7Down.

One evening we straggled back to the Inn after a full and wondrous day soaking in the sights and sounds of downtown Washington DC and the National Mall - only to find a coffee/dessert table thoughtfully laid out for us by Sandi.

The laptop is a constant companion on these trips abroad. I can never download or edit my pictures fast enough - for that matter, the machine is neither 'free' long enough to get the job done!
Sandi's hot breakfasts are a most glorious thing to wake up to! Substantial enough to carry us right through to dinner but of such gourmand standards, I fear my usual boiled egg on 9 grain toast will simply not do anymore.

8:30 am breakfast call to a dining hall set for royalty. *sigh*
Warning: Tangent of thought ahead...
Sitting around the family table altogether is a less common (and thus more highly esteemed) occurrence as our children grow into their independence. The offspring who still live under our roof will typically hear the reminder to remember who you are as they exit the home.
There is no ?? coming from our kids on that expression anymore.
We. Are. Sons. & Daughters. Of. The. King.
And with that privileged position comes certain obligations and responsibilities.
Coming down to this table simply brought that principle to mind with a force both tender and bold.
The window seat between the second and third floors.

An authentic knit flag acquired by Sandi on ebay. I love her eye for artifacts that hold an equal share of whimsy and originality.

My 6am view of the Washington horizon from the frosty third floor balcony outside my room.

I loved every single minute of Washington DC but if I was forced to settle on one MOST favourite experience it would be this: my family enjoying fellowship around this table.
Look at this breakfast offering: Cream cheese French Toast with warm stewed apple slices and pecans - a side of English Bangers to boot....seriously, I am utterly ruined!

A pewter & porcelain 'bowl' of coffee - full strength and piping hot to start each day.
My husband has arranged to treat me to life as 'queen of the week' and now I am dangerously comfortable with the position.
Yeah. You're right. Who am I kidding? I've had it good for a LONG time already!

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  1. Wow, that's some sort of inn!
    And the flag! Could it be some sort of...antique?
    Cool! It almost makes one want to go antiquing doesn't it?


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