Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All is Well

He lowers us to raise us
So we can sing His praises
Whatever is His way, all is well

He makes us rich and poor
That we might trust Him more
Whatever is His way, all is well

All my changes come from Him - He who never changes
I'm held firm in the grasp of the Rock of all the ages

All is well with my soul
He is God in control
I know not all His plans
But I know I'm in His hands

He clothes us now then strips us
Yet with His Word equips us
Whatever is His way, all is well
And though our seasons change
We still exalt His name
Whatever is His way, all is well

I'm headed home tomorrow and if all goes according to plan, will land in Toronto at 1425 hours.
This journey has been....wild and wondrous in so many ways.   One of stretching and growing.
Mom is steadily improving and I confidently leave her in my sister's capable hands who, along with me and mom, are covered in His hands.
Upheld, carried, accompanied.  
Thanks sister Pouse for sending this song All is Well to us.  It's a great comfort -- a good pointer for proper perspective.   I've loaded the whole album onto my Ipod and anticipate many hours of blessing for the long flight home.  
To everyone who journeys with us - who walks along the way with us - thank you very much.  
We are one.  It is a marvelous feeling.


  1. I'ts a great album eh? I love it and this song 'All is Well' has been a great comfort to Gerry and myself. We pray for your safe return dear sister and I personally can't wait to give you a hug. See you soon. Love you

  2. Beautiful song. Safe travels Joanne, and strength to your sister and mom as they stay in Germany. Blessings.

  3. Praying for safe travels Joanne!
    Rich and Cynthia


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