Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Move to Munich

Sister Cath sent me these photos from her iphone.  It seems Mom has recovered enough to amble through the downtown.  It's a bustling - lovely place as the following visuals will attest....
Lunch today at Hotel Exquisit in Munich...
Aww, Mom?  ( & Cath too:) --- you're looking so good!
Green Tea on Tap!
The window sill box that stopped Mom in her tracks on the way back to the hotel room
Mom and I saw a store front window full of these traditional outfits in Penzberg.  It was a little side excursion to that knitting store with Victor the cab-driver.  He saw us admiring them and asked somewhat incredulously if I would actually wear such a thing in public.... :)
I think it would be FUN.  Can't you picture it now?  Running wildly in the backyard with the grandkids singing the Cuckoo song??
I'll bet any one of Mom's 33 grandkids could busk in Munich and make a killing. 

It's a fun time to be in the city centre (or anywhere in Germany) during their run for the top in World Cup Soccer.  Cathy had this to say about the celebratory state of the downtown:

Listen to the Mozart Cafe below our hotel window. There was a large 

crowd watching the game and it was fun hearing them erupt with each 
goal. The streets were loaded with cheering and cars honking and 
partying until the wee hours of the night. Felix, our waitor here at 
the hotel was noticeably red eyed and tired from all his partying last 
night.  When we exchanged good morning greeting we had a good laugh 
about him being up to late Partying. He said a particular street here 
in Munich was loaded with people celebrating!


  1. Mom and Cath? Sit tight. The gang here at Chesley is going to Skype you at our time high noon. (Your time 6pm!) Please let me know if that agrees with you.
    Thanks for supplying the pic's and text Cath - we're SO looking forward to your return. God Speed.

  2. when will aunt ina be coming home?

  3. Hi Sharon:
    Aunt Ina will be landing in Toronto D.V. Monday afternoon
    (tomorrow on the 5th) around 3pm.
    Pass that on to Aunt Liz for me please. My mom will want your mom to know this! :)

  4. Thanks=)Is she up at Chesley Lake with everyone?


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