Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunshine on My Shoulders

I awoke this morning and actually had to squint to see out the windows!

The sun has finally broke through the clouds here in southern Germany.
What a difference that makes to the view - literally and psychologically.
I stepped into the hall to check up on Mumsie, her door was open and indeed -
a brilliant shaft of light was streaming through her room as well.
Sun on both sides of the building!
 - we are amazed and thankful!  :)
Went down to breakfast and ordered our 7 minute boiled eggs on light rye bread.
Alas - we had to reorder the eggs since neither one of us could handle they way they 
ran out of their shells. 
We laughed ourselves silly demonstrating to each other 
what happens to our gag reflex when we even see that 'stuff' on our plates....
Mom starts her day off with the alternative therapies.  For all you purists out there, that translates into:  
Selenium, Glutathion, Hepa Merz, Vitamin C, L-ornithin aspertate.
Today we're starting a 7 day cycle of two herbal cancer fighting agents:
Paw Paw (Canadian grown!) and Artemisinin (not available in North America) 
I am knitting a pair of socks and here I am modeling them...
No actually, I'm just pretending to be on some kind of wooline intravenous here.
But seriously now, 
I am modeling a close-up of them because I am so pathetically proud of myself  :)
Mom is resting comfortably at the moment as we're about to take a stroll in the sunshine 
- to the local convenience store to buy some wine.  
*YAY* again!


  1. Wow, those ARE pretty sweet. Ugly, but impressive. Well done, Mom. :) Glad the sun is shining!

  2. Ugly? Those socks are indeed the most beautiful socks to behold! Besides, I hand picked that sock yarn for your mother. I dare say your Christmas stocking will not be the lucky recipient of those lovely socks!

    Love Aunt Cathy


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