Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesdays Sun

We were'nt the only ones soaking up a long absent sunshine.
Charging shamelessly 25 paces ahead of me.

We stopped by the local Goldsmith at the recommendation of another in house patient, a miner from South Africa (struggling with colon cancer) who said the man's prices were still reflecting gold values of 2002.  What do we know?  Sounds good.  Looks like gold, smells like gold, so it must be.

Isn't this the cutest little conifer?  It was in a planter pretending to be an annual or something.  
It was bearing cones!

Behold.  My favourite annual in my favourite colour.
The local market sells fresh fruit & veggies, all sundry and includes a delicatessen and a considerable wine collection.  Bellingham Shiraz/Cab blend from South Africa 2008 takes a prize.  At $4.79 it tastes like more.  We came for the wine, some better shampoo for me and some crackers for mom which will come in handy when she starts her chemo.
One of the big 'Clydesdales' and her offspring finally enjoyed a day out as well.
Clearly, the bottle on the left is shampoo.
Clearly, the one on the right is not.
I used Google Translator on every single word on that bottle and not ONCE, did the word shampoo pop up.  Words like coiling, hair care to tips, and then Haarpflege which is conditions.
Ugh.  That accounts for a whole week of bad hair days.  
But whew, now I can stop thinking about the chemo wig too.


  1. LOL - glad you won't have to wear a wig now. I'm so glad you two are able to get out and enjoy the scenery a bit! Even if Grandma clearly isn't a "stop to smell the roses" kinda girl. :)

  2. Nice try, Mom... Those horses are SO not Clydesdales.
    The sunshine is beautiful, though! So glad you can enjoy it!

  3. What a wondrous thing that the last words we said together were "I lift my eyes up to the hills, from where does my help come from..." and from there you truly can "lift up your eyes to the hills". God is so Good!!!


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