Monday, March 28, 2011

Springy things Part 2

Changed the pilgrim road on the blog header.
(thanks for the subtle nudge Lilly!)
I like the new picture.  It appears more trail than road - and I like the blue whatcha-ma-callit stuff forcing its way up through the earth.  Our own woods along the south side of the house are very inviting too.  Soon I will see trilliums by the thousands dotting the forest floor.  
I had an awesome Sunday today.  After worship, we celebrated our baby's 21rst birthday en masse.  
I LOVE en masse occasions, full of fellowship, food, family and....
 Ah yes.  I had asked the peeps to come over after having tried the 3rd generation foam rollers and finish the balloons off.   Like.  Love.  Adore.  Even li'l leapster slept on those things!  *sigh*  
But now it's time for bed. The sun has gone to sleep 
and so must I.

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