Friday, April 8, 2011

Not A Fairy Tale

Encouragement from our friend Holley

(Inspired for release by yesterday's viewing of Tangled....
....Disney's fairly fun & decent recounting of Rapunzel)
I remember staying up late with friends to watch movies 
that always seemed to close with the same line...
And they lived happily ever after--
But real life often doesn't work that way. 

We hope and dream 
but things don't always turn out like we plan. 
We face trials, hard times, and we ask, "God, where are you in this story?"
God's path to "happily ever after"--to all going well with us--

looks different than ours. 
But in all of it we can trust that He has our good in mind, that He knows where the story is going, 
that He will love us and keep us every step of the way.
I've got a hunch many of your stories make Cinderella look like a sissy.
Something we do with a smile on our face the entire time? 
Not unless you're as unconscious as Sleeping Beauty.
Worth it?
Oh, yes, because one day our Prince will come.
Listen, sweet friend, as I take your heart by the hand and whisper these words...
Your story has a good ending. And it's not over yet.

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