Sunday, January 1, 2012

My mental health activity

After the wonderfully wild 'work' of Carols & Classics, I went into hibernation and assumed a cozy couch post knitting with my lovely sister.  Two whole weeks of wool, circular needles and navigating patterns while the rest of my family went to bat hosting various family gatherings... what a treat!
I even drove off TWICE to Mary Maxim in Paris, Ontario for supplies and against my previous vow, once on a Senior's Discount Tuesday. (evidently, time heals these wounds:)
Pictured above is the result of the first week:  known as felted slipper clogs - and modelled by my hubby for whom they were created.  He made a noble effort to contain his surprise and only cautiously suggested the likeness of Sasquatch ....
I know what you're thinking.
They're too big.  Right?
That's what you're thinking.
And of course, until you put the project thru a very hot water laundry cycle where they just kinda melt and felt... they ARE too big.
But AFTER that very hot water cycle? - Ta Da!  
A tight ball of compressed wool emerges from the machine.  It is unfolded unto its full glory and the skeptics are silenced forevermore.
My beloved even had to wear them dampish like for a few hours to stretch them out a bit - just as my wunderbar knitting mentor/sister predicted.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but there's a glow happening here when I take time out 
for knitting.  It has grown on me.  
I find it 
truth be told.  
There.  I said it now.
And it didn't even hurt.

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