Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Floridian Family Fest

           Here's just a few things one finds to do with a fabulous
                               family fest in Florida!
Hanging out in the pantry
Neil Diamond singing "Beautiful Noise".  A fitting tribute to our reality here :)

Sunday Dinner round table...

Knitting a new pair of Lacey Look socks on a pair of 2.75 circular turbo needles.
FYI  Turbo defines the make of needle and in no way references the handlers' speed.   
With fear and trepidation, I'm about to start the heel gusset.  But the inevitable emergency situations can be most definitely MUST be handled via email by my sister/knitting counselor-mentor.

The pool Beautiful.  It is SawWeET!

     Breaking out of the tried and tired,
experimenting with new recipes.

In a terrific environment to boot

Unpacking a shipment of barstools for our rental home.
Beloved says when we finish setting up the basement rec room back home, 
we're doing the smart thing:  Shipping in some big boxes from the grocery store and calling it done!

                                           Shell shucking
                                         Leapster Explorer
Morning walk on the golf course, 
Scavenging for grandpa's collection
A highly popular past-time!

                               Fancy nails with polish and art deco

Curious George & Green Eggs and Ham 
never seem to lose one ounce of appeal

                                                      Sunsets at the beach

                                             Pelican imitation

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  1. What a beautiful time you are having! Miss you but it looks like you are enjoying every minute of your holiday!


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